Saint Emilion - Cordelier Cloisters


Cordelier CloistersBenedictine monks founded a monastery. The village and ramparts were formed around the original foundation.

Off rue Guadet one can visit the convent of the Cordeliers, with the remains of a 14th century cloister. The monastery was built by Franciscan monks.

Because of wars between the Kings of France and the Dukes of Aquitaine, the Cordelier Monks asked to be able to moved within the walls of St. Emilion. They got the go-ahead on this in 1338 and commenced work on a chapel. In 1343 the Pope granted permission to establish their monastery and the building of the cloisters followed.

As result of the French Revolution, all 284 monasteries occupied by the Cordeliers were ordered closed.

The cloisters are constructed of limestone from the area. Architecture is Romaneque style. The columns are monolithic, that is, the base and and the capital are cut from a single stone.

The cloisters were sold in 2011 as a means of the town raising money to pay off its debt.